In addition to working with our community to open and support the IMPD Substation at 75th and North Shadeland Ave., we thought it would be fun to highlight some of our local North District officers on our website and in our email newsletter.

While these officers are heroes who put their lives on the line for us every day, they’re also humans with their own feelings, emotions, and families to think about.

We hope this helps our neighbors get to know some of our officers and better understand the people behind the badge.

First up…

Name: C. Hudson
Years on IMPD: 4
Current shift/beat (general area): North District, usually Zone 50 (Fall Creek up to 96th Street)

How long have you been on North? What roles have you held and what roles do you see yourself doing in the future?

I have been on North District late shift for a little over two years now and recently completed bike school. I’m still early in my career, so I haven’t really considered any other areas in the department. I will apply for our ERG (Emergency Response Group) team when an opening arises.


What led you to become a police officer?

The reason I wanted to become a police officer is because after my older brother was killed, the pain that my family and I, especially my mother, felt…I told myself I want to be on the other side to help bring some comfort and closure to a family that is going through the same events or worst. At the time, I did not feel as though the people working his case cared, so I was determined to be the change I wanted. Prior to becoming an officer, I served in the United States Navy for four years, serving the country, and now my community.


What’s the best/worst part of the job?

The best part of the job is being able to help people that otherwise can’t help themselves. I never needed a thank you, it just feels good to be there when someone is at their wit’s end and you help them.

On the adverse side of the job is the violence. To this day it’s unbelievable how people treat each other. It’s inconceivable the lack of respect for human life. I tend to find myself always asking why but it’s my job to help find those answers. I know I can’t change the world but I can do my part to help the community in which we live.


What’s one thing you wish the average person knew about policing?

I wish people would understand the level of stress that comes with the profession. I want people to understand that we are human just like everybody else. I always say people don’t call the police to invite us to a barbeque, lol. People call us when they are having a bad day and need help. We deal with all the problems of a city every day all day where most people usually only must deal with things at home. I know we signed up for this but it doesn’t change that we have human emotions and stress. With that being said, I wouldn’t want any other job. I love what I do.


What’s your favorite place, restaurant, store, park, etc. in the district?

I really do not have a favorite restaurant or anything. I’m pretty lame. I stay at home with family mostly.


What’s one thing we can do to make our neighborhood safer?

The best thing people can do to make the community safer is to provide officers with information. There are only so many officers so we really rely on the community for information on trouble areas.

I would never ask someone to put themselves in harm’s way to obtain any information. Any information they can obtain while being safe is greatly appreciated.

There have been many times where we are working on a serious crime but no one wants to come forward with anything. People tend to forget that is someone’s loved one. I want to ask the people who refuse to come forward, “If it was your loved one what would you want people to do?”


What are your favorite snacks to see in the substation?

The substation is awesome, so working nights nothing is open to get food. I appreciate all parties involved in making that happen. They are the real MVPs. So, if I had to choose a snack I would say the white cheddar cheese (Popcorners), but I appreciate anything that is provided.

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