Change Coming to North Shadeland. Are You In?

by | Mar 29, 2022

Can a group of volunteers actually make an impact on the future direction of their community?

The answer is yes! But, how do we do it? TOGETHER.

North Shadeland Alliance is an all-volunteer organization. All efforts are led by area residents who juggle their passion for our community with jobs, families, and other outside responsibilities. But it works, with your help.

We’re a team. We all want the same things, but we know we can’t get there alone.

We all need to band together to truly make a lasting impact. One big way you can support the future of our community is through financial contributions to the North Shadeland Alliance.

“Working with our partners at the North Shadeland Alliance on how we can be more intentional in, collaboration to support our community has been inspiring. We value the opportunity to support our residents and businesses as we vision an even better tomorrow.”

 Castleton United Methodist Church

If you don’t know much about the group yet, you can check out our 2021 Annual Report to learn what we accomplished last year.

Now, let’s look at where we’re heading and what your contributions will help make happen…


Your partnership will make a difference this year.

We’ve done a lot in these last two years. We have even bigger hopes for the future.

Here are just a handful of things we hope to accomplish with your support and partnership.

  • Community Programming – More classes, events, summit, festivals, etc.
  • Crime Prevention – Building on what we’ve started with the Substation and weekly Lake Castleton work.
  • Feasibility Study Action – Releasing results soon and beginning the work to take action on our findings bringing resources and support to our area.
  • Church Coalition – Bringing area churches together to partner in community impact.
  • Volunteer Action Teams – Creating and resourcing teams of volunteers to focus on specific areas of impact (more coming soon!).
  • Apartment Communities Quarterly Roundtable –  Bringing leadership of our local apartment communities together to improve communication and create stronger and safer communities.
  • Community Events Hub – Expanding to be a central hub for community events so everyone can easily find out what is happening in the community and participate so relationships and community connections grow.

No doubt, more initiatives will arise as needs present themselves.

“Since the fall of 2021 Rev Charles Harrison and Indy TenPoint OG’s have joined the North Shadeland Alliance in doing public safety walks every Tuesday in the Lake Castleton Apartments at 75th and Shadeland. The goal of the public safety walks is to help end the cycle of violence in the Lake Castleton Apartments.  The public safety walks are fun and enjoyable, and you meet a lot of wonderful people.

After 23 years of walking the streets of Indianapolis in very challenging areas of the city, I have discovered that the power of presence on the streets does make a difference in helping to create peaceful and safe neighborhoods.”

Rev. Dr. Charles R Harrison – Indianapolis TenPoint Coalition

These are all in addition to ongoing IMPD Substation operations (cleaning, maintenance replacing furnishings, etc.).

While costs for most of our efforts are nominal, they are real and growing as we take on more work in the community. Fundraising is critical to make things happen and ensure the impact is long-lasting.

Who is managing the money?

We are not our own nonprofit organization. Instead, we partner with BRAG (Binford Redevelopment and Growth), the area’s larger neighborhood-serving organization. BRAG serves as our fiscal sponsor. That means they manage all of our contributions.

BRAG is a 501(c)(3), which means your contributions designated for North Shadeland Alliance are tax-deductible.


What if I want to give for something specific?

Reach out to a North Shadeland Alliance team member, or respond to this email, to learn more about some of our specific needs and special projects.

It takes a village! We hope you will join our dedicated and committed team as we continue to envision the future of our community. Your financial contributions—no matter the size—will have a real impact on our community.


Please join our team today!

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