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by | Mar 2, 2021

Imagine This: You’re a parent of a young child. Like any new parent, you love your child and have hopes and dreams of what these first few years will be like for you and your child.

Then, one day you realize something just feels off. Maybe they’re just not doing some things you’d expect of children their age. So, you call your pediatrician, and their doctor recommends further evaluation and therapy.

No doubt, you’re feeling anxiety and a bit of fear, not knowing what comes next. So, you call for an appointment at your local hospital, but they can’t get you in for another six months.

When your child needs help, six months might as well be a lifetime.


Children’s Therapy Connection

In 2007, Karen and Jason Berty, husband and wife, moved back to Indianapolis from Chicago, where Jason managed large outpatient clinics. Both Bertys are therapists by trade and realized our community had a void in pediatric therapy. No parent wants to be told they have to go on a waiting list that could be as long as six months when their child needs help.

So, Karen and Jason decided to open up Children’s Therapy Connection. They knew they could fill a void in our community and provide pediatric therapy to families of children with special needs on a more personal level as a family-owned business.

In those early days, Karen was the sole therapist, and Jason handled the business administration. Over the years, they have worked hard to become a provider who accepts all insurance companies and doesn’t turn anyone away based on insurance while increasing their staff and services.

Children's Therapy Connection Bertys

Karen and Jason Berty, Owners of Children’s Therapy Connection standing in front of their new property at 7209 North Shadeland Ave.


How CTC Helps Families in Our Community

These days, Children’s Therapy Connection offers a range of services. Within their office, they provide traditional therapy for children three years old through adolescence like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

CTC is also a First Steps provider. First Steps is a government-funded program that provides the same traditional therapy types for children with special needs, but in the child’s natural environment, like their home. This is available for children under three years of age.

Fun Fact: Several years ago, before we moved into this community, my wife, a Speech-Language Pathologist, provided speech therapy through CTC as a part of their First Steps services. She loved working for CTC in addition to her full-time job in an elementary school.

Additional Services

Maybe your child doesn’t have a diagnosed reason to need therapy. Perhaps they’re just an extremely picky eater who refuses to eat various foods of certain textures. Maybe they just need some help with their handwriting. It could be they are overly picky about the clothes they wear. Is your child just more clumsy than other children causing them to fall often and hurt themselves?

None of these situations would cause most parents to consider therapy for their child, but these things can be incredibly frustrating as a parent and cause undue tension in your home.

Karen told me, “We want families to realize therapy is a lot like education for their child. It’s not just for children with a direct diagnosis. Lots of children can benefit from the services we provide, and it can take a lot of stress off of families to have help working through these everyday situations.”


Invested in the North Shadeland Community

The Bertys have lived in our community since 2007, near Fall Creek, with their two children and have run their business from our area the entire time. Their children attended CUMNS Kids at Castleton UMC at 71st and Shadeland. Until this year, their offices were located just behind the fire station off of 75th street.

In 2020, as their business continued to grow Jason and Karen knew they needed a larger space to provide for more children and accommodate their team of 70 therapists. They had been renting their space for several years and decided now was the time to find a bigger space they could own. They purchased their new property at 7209 North Shadeland Ave.

The new property offers significantly more space.

Currently, they serve 1300 families from our community!

Karen told me they love this community they have been a part of for almost 14 years. They are invested in seeing it grow and thrive.

The Bertys actually own TWO businesses in our community. In addition to Children’s Therapy Connection, they own The Village Dove, a faith-based gift shop, at 71st and Binford near George’s Neighborhood Grill.

Between their home and two businesses, you can be sure they are quite literally fully invested in this community.


How you can utilize CTC to help your children?

Whether your child has a diagnosed reason for therapy or is exhibiting some behaviors you just want some help working through, give Children’s Therapy Connection a call. You can visit their website and fill out the referral form or just give them a call. They are happy to handle securing a referral from your pediatrician, so you don’t have to worry.

Don’t need their services now? Stop by The Village Dove and check out everything they offer!

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Children’s Therapy Connection
7209 North Shadeland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 288-7606

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