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by | Apr 6, 2022

Crime Prevention Grants Get A New Name and A LOT More Funding

This month, we are introducing a new feature to our website and newsletters. Our area City Councillors, Dan Boots (District 3) and Ethan Evans (District 4), have generously agreed to write a monthly article updating our area residents on important issues from the City Council and their local work that impacts our area.

The Councillors will be trading off months to provide updates to you.

We know how difficult it can be sometimes to stay up-to-date with what is happening in our city and community. It’s not always obvious whether what is being discussed downtown directly applies to our neighborhoods. We hope this provides an easy way for you to make yourself aware of what is happening and the opportunity to lend your voice to issues that impact you.

First up is Indianapolis City-County Councillor, Dan Boots, of District 3

Crime Prevention Grants Become Elevation Grant Program

I wanted to share an update on an important effort that impacts our District 3 community – Crime Prevention/Reduction Grants.

I have shared various information about these grants in my previous email Alerts (Nos. 1-4). The annual Crime Prevention Grant program has been renamed the “Elevation Grant Program,” and it aims to invest $45M in neighborhoods over the next three years addressing the root causes of violent crime in our City.

With funding allocated from the American Rescue Plan (ARP), Elevate will invest almost FIVE TIMES MORE in crime reduction efforts than in previous years – historically, the annual CP Grants program has been just north of $3M.

This annual Elevate program is separate from our much smaller-scaled, council district-based CP grant program that was launched last year. We anticipate that the program will be repeated again this year and at (hopefully) increased levels.

Applications for the first round (there will be multiple grant rounds) of Elevate funding of $5.5M opened Friday, April 1st. A total of $15M will be dispersed this year.

This first round focuses on providing grants to grassroots organizations focused on

  • Thriving neighborhoods (community building)
  • Empowering youth (prevention)
  • Restoration and resilience (through mental wellness)
  • and Infrastructure development (capacity building).

Different rounds will have different focus areas. Applicants must show data-based methods for addressing the root causes of violent crime. Grassroots, nonprofit organizations that are led by residents of the communities they serve will be given priority in this first 2022 round; however, anyone interested and eligible is encouraged to apply.

Dan Boots Indianapolis City Council District 3

Dan Boots

Indianapolis City-County Council | District 3

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