Indianapolis Violent Crime Petition

Indianapolis is in the midst of a public safety crisis as we face a record-breaking pace of surging violence. Join us as we call on Mayor Hogsett and the City Council to issue an Emergency Stop Gap measure to immediately:

  1. End no and low bail* for violent offenders;
  2. Purchase and deploy a gunshot detection system; and,
  3. Authorize additional emergency resources to IMPD.

Victims and their families deserve better! We deserve better! The violence must stop!

May 2021 Statistics (31 days)

    • 139 shot and/or stabbed, resulting in 23 death
    • 4.48 shot and/or stabbed per day
    • A homicide every 1.35 days

June 2021 to date (7 days)

    • 36+ people shot
    • 3 people stabbed
    • 9 died
    • 1 person killed every 18 hours
    • 5.5 people shot or stabbed daily

We are calling on Mayor Hogsett and the City Council to issue an Emergency Stop Gap measure in an effort to curb the violence. These steps will have an immediate impact on the surging violent crime wave while long-term solutions are needed and are currently under development.


1. End NO or LOW BAIL for violent offenders.

Cash bonds of $500 and automatic release from custody (no appearance before a judge) are currently in place for repeat convicted offenders for the following felony crimes:

    • Battery
    • Residential Entry
    • Pointing a Firearm
    • Criminal Gang Activity
    • Strangulation
    • Escape
    • Criminal Confinement
    • Intimidation
    • Criminal Recklessness
    • Invasion of Privacy
    • Stalking
    • Resisting Law Enforcement

Individuals arrested for these crimes are immediately returned to our streets and neighborhoods. We call on the City to reinstate and staff an arrestee processing system with a judge or magistrate 24-hours a day during peak summer months to end the revolving door of criminals. This will also reduce the over-reliance on GPS monitoring systems.

In recent months, on multiple occasions, when offenders of crimes have been identified, a history search has revealed had they been held accountable for previous crimes, they would not be on the
street and able to commit even more crimes. Every day, the Low and No Bail system turns violent offenders back into our neighborhoods, contributing to our surging homicide rate.

2. The purchase and deployment of a gunshot detection system

This will provide immediate alerts of shots fired, pinpoint locations of incidences, faster response times for emergency medical services, and assistance in collecting evidence on suspects.  Research shows only 20% of shots fired incidences are reported. This system will complement other crime statistic centers already being implemented by the City.

3. Immediate allocation of more resources to IMPD.

IMPD remains understaffed and overworked. For example, department detectives who previously carried a caseload of two to three open cases at a time are now carrying caseloads of 12 to 13 open cases at a time, resulting in lower rates of case resolution.

Our entire department has just over 1,600 officers to serve a population of 886,220. Indianapolis is the third most populous city in the Midwest and covers 368 square miles making it the 16th largest city by land area in the United States. IMPD’s North District alone is the approximate geographic and population size as Cincinnati, which supports 1,000 uniformed officers. North District is assigned approximately 200 uniformed officers for the same geographic area and population size.


We must stem the violence AND work to solve long-term systemic issues

While several initiatives are underway that strive to solve systemic challenges that lead to crime, those take years to implement. Meanwhile, violence continues to rise. We must do both at the same time—Emergency Stop Gap measures to quell the current rise of violent crime and enact long-term solutions to address the root causes of crime.

Media recently reported the following, “As we look for answers into weekend deaths our Marion County coroner’s office put out a request for the media to be patient. They have a record 24 autopsies to perform from just this weekend.”

The Mayor and City Councilors enacted crime strategies without the input of any law enforcement officer on the streets of Indianapolis—and without input from City leaders fighting against crime, like Reverend Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition. We are calling on City leaders to listen to research, use the
data and talk with experts on the street to identify immediate actions to reduce violence in our neighborhoods.

Please join us as we strive to make our voices heard: ENOUGH! We can no longer stand by and let this violence continue. We must take action—NOW!

*In regard to no/low bail. View the Marion Superior Court Bail Schedule PDF

  • Page 2, #3 of the linked document above, Misdemeanor & Class D/Level 6 Felony Bail Amounts, Section C and D
  • The $500 bond for the (11) level 6 felonies listed do not include any review of prior conviction histories. Repeat convicted violent felons still get a $500 cash bond and automatic release. Further, the Prosecutor considers those 11 felonies to be “non-violent.”

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