Jodie Shrum

Substation Manager | North Shadeland Alliance

Jodie Shrum

Hi! I’m Jodie Shrum

My husband, after 3 years of working as a patrol officer in the beats surrounding the North Shadeland area, was called to active duty with the National Guard in September of 2020. We expected this to be a short three-month stint that could provide our family some good benefits from the Army during a less-than-ideal time to be an officer. His orders got extended once, then extended twice, and again and again, and after a year of him being off the streets, I decided I missed being part of the police community so much that I’d try to find a place for me to fit back into it. That’s when I reached out to the North Shadeland Alliance and in July of 2021 I took over managing the substation.

In the short time I’ve been involved, I have been immensely blessed to meet so many community members who are doing their part to keep our corner a great place to live. I’ve been blown away at the support our community shows to our police officers. Even personally, as the wife of an officer who uses the substation, I am truly touched and encouraged by every single donation, act of service, or expression of appreciation to our officers. It has truly been my pleasure to be a part of it.

My family moved from south Broad Ripple to Devonshire VIII in 2018 and I have always very much enjoyed this corner of the city and being part of this community, most of whom seem to move here and then never leave. My girls go to preschool 6 minutes from our house, we attend church on Hague Road, we want to see our local business owners succeed, we have excellent relationships with our neighbors, and we love and care about the police officers who defend our community. By way of being involved at the substation, it has been my privilege to learn about the other efforts of the North Shadeland Alliance and lend my gifts and talents where I’m able to.

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