Kris Parmelee

Co-Founder | North Shadeland Alliance

Kris Parmelee Family

Hi! I’m Kris Parmelee

We moved to this area from a much more urban environment on the city’s eastside in 2003. We had none of the challenges we had experienced in the city and for a while, it felt, well…boring and utterly safe. And while the solitude of the suburbs was nice, I found myself restless to get involved but with less serious problems to address, where and how?

Fortunately, I found BRAG and became active in increasing pedestrian access in the community. Once that project was complete, I quickly became complacent with suburban life again. But then, I started to notice increases in petty crime and property crime. While it felt incredibly invasive and dangerous to the rest of the community, it was a familiar feeling to me. At the same time, our once-thriving shopping center at Shadeland Station, which housed the neighborhood grocery and drug store, started to experience vacancies and then—then a massage parlor moved in. That was it for me—no way, not in my community!

We founded North Shadeland Alliance to concentrate efforts on reviving this once thriving center of our community—the North Shadeland corridor. I want a community where I can go to the store, grab dinner, drop off my dry cleaning, and go to the bank all on my bike—while feeling safe! Our vision for North Shadeland focuses on creating a safe community and center of commerce for the surrounding community. This will only be possible with continued support from the community, ongoing communication and sharing of information, and partnerships with area businesses. 

My family is totally committed to this community and I feel a responsibility to engage in efforts to continue to make it a great place to work and live. We are here to stay—me, my husband (a Sergeant with IMPD), and our three boys (15, 17, and 19). WE CAN DO THIS! I believe in us!

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