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Our Indianapolis personal injury lawyers help you get paid, get well, and get back to your life. Call now for a free personal injury consultation.

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You’ve been injured in an accident. All you want to do is get paid so you can heal and get back to your life. The problem is the insurance companies are giving you the run-around and undervaluing your injuries.

You need a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney to maximize your compensation. Unfortunately, there are too many options to make sense of and you just want to focus on healing. It’s overwhelming.

The personal injury team at Garrison Law Firm, in Indianapolis, Indiana, has worked for over 40 years to help injured persons just like you get paid, get well, and get back to their life.

Don’t get lost in the filing cabinets of a huge law firm. Our team is big enough to provide exceptional legal service and small enough to give you the attention you deserve.

Call now for a FREE PERSONAL INJURY CONSULTATION or fill out the contact form to receive a prompt call back.

Our team will walk you through every step of the legal process and set your mind at ease. Often, that means securing an injury settlement and avoiding a lawsuit altogether.

You don’t want to add insult to injury by getting lost in a large law firm. Hire our injury team and get personal attention and someone who will return your call promptly every time.

Get your free consultation today. Virtual consultation options are available.

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