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At Mary Castle Elementary School, we foster cultural understanding, appreciation for differences, and finding strength in diversity.

8502 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN



Mary Castle Elementary is a School of International Studies, in which students learn about international cultures and becoming familiar with the world around them, both local and global. We hope that you sense Mary Castle’s rich diversity the moment you walk through the door. From the authentic Terracotta Warrior statue, student-made artwork, or the sounds of students collaborating on a daily basis; we hope you will sense community through collaboration and understanding of various cultural backgrounds. We want our students to be globally conscious and that occurs by connecting multiple perspectives across school and society.

Our Vision: Mary Castle fosters cultural understanding, appreciation for differences, and finding strength in diversity. We develop global citizens and prepare students to live in a global, multicultural society in preparation for the new economy.

Our Mission: Provide rigorous teaching and learning opportunities to develop successful contributors to our society.


Mary Castle Elementary Core Values:

  • Student Achievement Through Equitable Curriculum: The entire staff is immersed in the work of student achievement through the lens of racial equity and rigor.
  • Embracing Diversity by Treating Everyone With Dignity and Respect: Mary Castle aims to internationally-minded students who take ownership in their learning and recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet…thus helping to create a better and more peaceful world.
  • Developing Inquisitive, Innovative and Resilient Minds: Building self-directed learners to persevere with productive struggle and a growth mindset.

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