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Find the right words to land the right clients so your business actually grows. Because, when small businesses grow, communities thrive.

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Most marketing is a waste of money. We’re not kidding.

Why is it a waste of money? Most businesses have not taken the time to find the right words to use in their marketing, so their ideal clients or customers take action.

At Moonflower Marketing, we use elements of storytelling to find the right words to help you land the right clients and grow the business of your dreams.

Before you build that new website, launch that email campaign, or even consider Google ads or social media marketing, let us help you craft a brand story that will capture your ideal client or customer’s attention.

Clarity is king in marketing these days. Your audience hears thousands of marketing messages every day. You need to both quickly and capture their attention.

We do it using elements of storytelling to invite your customers and clients into a story that positions you as the guide that will lead them to the success they deserve.

Here’s how it works.

  1. We work with you to craft a clear brand message that captures your audience.
  2. We use that message to create clear and compelling websites, lead generators, email campaigns, and more.
  3. With a clear message and a simple marketing plan, you’ll finally be able to build the business of your dreams.

So schedule a call today, and let’s start building the successful business you’ve always dreamed of leading.

Moonflower Marketing is owned and operated by Joe Garrison, Co-Founder of the North Shadeland Alliance.

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