Redevelopment of 7640 Shadeland Avenue

Thank you to everyone (over 500 of you!) who completed the recent survey regarding the proposed variances for the redevelopment of the former O’Charley’s restaurant. Below is a summary of the survey results.

An overwhelming percentage (72%) of residents believe that Commitment #10 should stand and the building should be constructed of mostly (if not all) brick. When asked what percent of the building should be brick, the following answers were provided:

  • The previous commitment should stand and the building should be 100% brick 49.94% 49.94%
  • At LEAST 50% should be brick, like the surrounding buildings 36.55% 36.55%
  • Anywhere between 25%-50% should be brick 5.13% 5.13%
  • It doesn’t matter 14.37% 14.37%

This demonstrates that at least 87% of the community believes the building should be at least 50% brick. A revised elevation provided by the developer has now met that requirement.

In the survey, residents were told that the Dollar Tree intends to leave Shadeland Station. This fact was verified by the current property managers of Shadeland Station, who reported that the Dollar Tree does not intend to renew its lease at its current location.

Residents in the survey were told that in addition to moving, the Dollar Tree would be expanding in this new location and offering a limited line of groceries.

Groceries have remained a major concern for the immediate area since the Marsh store closed at Shadeland Station in 2017. In addition, while the current Dollar Tree has been a source of increased crime and concern in the community, it undoubtedly serves a significant number of residents in the immediate area. Residents have been unhappy with the condition of the store and we shared these concerns with the developer and property owner.

However, the property owner has been very clear that the Dollar Tree is moving and will be a tenant in this new development.


Which best describes your opinion about Dollar Tree staying in our community?

  • I want the Dollar Tree to stay in our community and would welcome a new Dollar Tree store offering a larger grocery section 44.94% 44.94%
  • I do not support Dollar Tree staying in our community and do not want to see them as an anchor tenant in this new development 31.58% 31.58%
  • I don’t care either way 15.38% 15.38%
  • Other 8.10% 8.10%

In addition to the proposed Dollar Tree tenant, the original space design presented to us also proposed two restaurants, one with a drive-through window. While this is what is proposed, the restaurant tenants have yet to be identified and are not commitments to use. There is a current commitment in place that bans more than one fast-food hamburger restaurant from the center. The community wants this agreement to be upheld and the developer agreed to not allow a fast-food restaurant serving hamburgers and limit it to only one tenant with a drive-thru.

  • Keep comment as it is and not allow fast-food hamburger restaurant in the spaces 56.73% 56.73%
  • Allow any kind of restaurant 25.71% 25.71%
  • I do not want to see fast-food or fast-casual restaurants in those spaces 17.55% 17.55%
In addition, the community provided the following guidance for the kinds and types of businesses and services they feel are needed in the community and represent the highest and best use of the proposed space. These results were shared with the developer in hopes they will actively target these types of business as tenants in the additional spaces.
  • Sit-down full-service restaurant 76.73% 76.73%
  • Bakery 63.67% 63.67%
  • Specialty Grocery 54.69% 54.69%
  • Fast-service Restaurant 22.45% 22.45%
  • Dry Cleaners 19.80% 19.80%
  • Other (see below) 13.06% 13.06%
  • Doctor’s Office/Urgent Care 12.24% 12.24%
  • Fast-food Restaurant 11.02% 11.02%
  • Barber/Hair/Nail Salon 9.80% 9.80%

Other (number represents times mentioned)

  • Car Wash (4)
  • Chick-fil-A (3)
  • Culvers, better quality fast-food (3)
  • Gift store/bookstore (3)
  • Community center (2)
  • Ice cream store/Dairy Queen (4)
  • Panera (3)
  • High-Quality Restaurant (3)
  • Yoga/Fitness Studio (2)
  • Local Restaurant (smoothies, juicer, organic local)
Finally, the survey included a question about their preference for the proposed design of the trash enclosures. A total of 50.83% of residents said they either supported the proposed new location (16.74%) or did not care either way (34.09%). The remaining 49.17% of residents object to the proposed site for the trash container enclosure. We asked the developer to consider other solutions for the trash enclosures but the updated drawings showed the trash enclosures will remain in the same place. In addition, we asked that they be constructed of brick. The developer has not conceded to this request but has agreed that the proposed design of the enclosure must be approved by the City prior to construction. What’s next? We continue our discussions with the property owners and the City of Indianapolis. A zoning hearing is scheduled for April 14, 2021. North Shadeland Alliance and BRAG continue to refine our position on this issue and hope we can come to an agreement with the property owner on the redevelopment of this space in a way that will positively impact our community.

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