Regulation of Charitable Distribution of Food, and Affordable Housing Commission

by | Jul 28, 2022


I am pleased to provide information on upcoming council proposals and district information:

My proposal on an affordable housing commission with the administration, Proposal 208, was postponed at the previous committee meeting to have additional discussion before bringing it back up for a vote.


Proposals 250 and 256: Funding for Portable Restrooms and Regulation of the Charitable Distribution of Food

Additionally, Proposal 250 and Proposal 256 have been in the news lately regarding the regulation of the charitable distribution of food.

Proposal 250 provides funding for portable restrooms and cleaning services to distribution sites for those providing food or other items, which I support but would ask for more permanent restrooms.

As for Proposal 256, it would require registration for the distribution of charitable goods and implement fines for those who fail to register when distributing goods to those in need in a group of 10 or more people.

While I understand the desire to better organize and provide for organizations to distribute food, etc. on a larger scale and should work to address any issues around trash collection after the charitable food distribution, as written, this proposal 256 serves more to criminalize individual charitable food distribution and shifts law enforcement focus unnecessarily to low-level non-violent “crimes” like this without actually addressing the need for public restrooms, trash receptacles, and homelessness, poverty and hunger on a broad scale. The focus should be on housing, funding more food access, and at least incentivizing cleanups.

Emergencies happen, people are left without food or shelter, and two days is sometimes too long to wait for the next meal or water.

As written, this is not a policy I can support without solutions to the larger needs of our community.


Lawrence Township Updates

Next, just a quick reminder that Lawrence Township Schools go back in session for students on August 4th! Please be aware of children getting on and off buses and crossing streets!

Lastly, the Lawrence Community Gardens’ Next Generation Farmers Summer Youth Program finished on July 15.

The program provides students with an opportunity to work together to manage a large-scale urban farm using a cooperative business model. The program has weekly workshops, a daily Junior Master Gardener curriculum, and implementation of real-world life and business principles. Their program is a valuable source of local produce for pantries, area grocery stores, buying clubs, neighbors, and pop-up market locations throughout the city.

If you have any questions or comments, email me at

Dan Boots Indianapolis City Council District 3

Ethan Evans

Indianapolis City-County Council | District 4

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