Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group: Insurance Coverage with Community Impact

by | Feb 4, 2022

Did you know, on top of leading the North Shadeland Alliance, several of us are also small business owners too? We work in real estate, consulting, and marketing in addition to our volunteer work in the community through North Shadeland Alliance.

Maybe that’s why we have such a huge heart for the local businesses who make our community better every day.

In my business, everything I do is funneled through our main theme, “When small businesses grow, communities thrive.” I wholeheartedly believe this.

This month’s featured local business is a perfect example of why I believe this so strongly.

Meet Scott Wenclewicz

In the fall of 2009, Scott Wenclewicz Insurance moved into their current location on Shadeland Avenue just across the street from Castleton United Methodist Church.

You could say the Wenclewicz family business is insurance. Basically, everyone in Scott’s family works in the insurance industry. Like many teenagers, he didn’t love the idea of going into the family business. So, he enrolled in Ball State University to become a financial advisor.

But, after he landed at Ball State, he found out BSU had an amazing insurance program with scholarships and great internships available. So, he made the jump from the financial advisor track to insurance.

You might have noticed there are actually TWO Wenclewicz insurance companies on Shadeland Avenue. Scott and his brother Mark worked together for years. However, a few years ago, after realizing they were basically operating two separate business models under one roof, they decided to split the clientele into two separate businesses. Scott took one and Mark took the other.

How Can Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group Help You?

If you own a home or a car, you need insurance. I grew up the son and nephew of prominent personal injury attorneys here in Indianapolis. It was beaten into me how important good insurance is for everyone. An accident in your vehicle or your home without proper insurance coverage can cause catastrophic damages even beyond your own injuries or damaged property.

Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group’s bread and butter is home and auto insurance. Scott is an independent agent (same as a broker) and works with eight of the biggest insurance companies, including Nationwide, Progressive, and AAA to name a few.

They built their practice with end-users as a focus, but also work with a lot of lenders and realtors. One of the most practical times to revisit your insurance coverage is when you purchase a new home.

No one wants to overpay for insurance, but good coverage is of the highest importance. Scott and his team pride themselves in often being able to offer their customers lower rates and better insurance than many of their competitors.

Not happy with your current coverage or rates? Looking to purchase a new home or vehicle soon? Give Scott a call. It never hurts to get a second opinion and quote!


Pride in Giving Back!

Ok, I started this article by mentioning this month’s feature would be a perfect example of why when small businesses grow, communities thrive.

Did you know that last year, Scott Wenclewicz Insurance group gave over $22,000 to local charities? How amazing is that!

For every new client they receive, a little bit goes to charity. Clearly, that adds up throughout the year and over time. Scott and his team have a goal of giving over $1,000,000 to local charities in their lifetime.

When you hire Scott to help you with your home and auto insurance, you won’t just be confident in your insurance coverage, you’ll be confident you’re contributing to the betterment of our community as well.

Hard to beat that. Imagine the impact in our community if we all gave just a little bit back as our businesses grow. Amazing.


Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group

7212 Shadeland Ave # 201,
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 350-1598

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