What is an IMPD Substation? What is it not?

by | Jul 9, 2021

What is an IMPD Substation?

  • Substations are designed to give officers respite during their shifts.
  • Some officers prefer to bring their meals to work. Substations give them a place to heat them up, eat them, and take a break.
  • Substations give officers a safe place to use the restroom.
  • Substations also give officers a safe place to re-group and maybe take a few minutes to breathe in an effort to reduce stress, reset after a stressful run.

IMPD Substations are NOT open to the public.

Do not knock on the door of a substation. The officers will not answer. If you need the police, call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number, 317.327.3811.

The North District of IMPD covers approximately the same geographic area as the city of Cincinnati.

North District roll call is located at 30th and Keystone Ave. Officers work “beats” during their shifts. However, due to shifts that are usually operating with the minimum number of officers allowed, officers must often cover runs outside of their beats. This means an officer could be assigned to work near Castleton but end up answering runs near 38th and Michigan road.

Because of this, they are often short on manpower, most days are spent literally going from run to run (a run is a dispatched call that has come through 911).

Substations provide an opportunity for officers to grab a snack, a drink and use the restroom in between calls.

In addition, they allow them to complete paperwork and make phone calls outside of their car. Their office is their car. It’s sort of like you getting up from your desk and walking to get a drink or chat with a co-worker for a brief break.

The Shadeland Station IMPD Substation

This is a substation for IMPD North District officers.

This substation is NOT open to the public. Do not knock on the door.

  • Space and utilities are donated by the property owner.
  • The interior was furnished by donations from the community.
  • The exterior signage was paid for by community donations.
  • This space is cleaned weekly (by an area resident) and all ALL food and beverages and other supplies are generously provided by residents.

You will not see cars there 24-7. It is not a ‘staffed police office.’

Officers may or may not be there when you drive by. If they are not there when you drive by, that does not mean they are ‘never’ there. We assure you, based on how much coffee, water, snacks, and toilet paper we go through, the substation is used VERY often.

They are not there to patrol the area or provide security for the strip center. The substation is a place of respite that, as they are able (if they have to use the restroom, need to heat up lunch, etc.), they can use.

If you would like to contribute supplies, please fill out our online form and we will let you know how you can help! Residents also write cards and notes to share with the officers. These are very much appreciated.


The Castleton United Methodist Church Substation

There is also a substation located at Castleton UMC, near the basketball court. You may see cars there as well. Sometimes officers use this station, sometimes they use the other. Some prefer this one, some prefer the other. They both serve the same function. Neither is open to the public. They are both designed for the officers to use for respite.

North Shadeland Alliance does not stock the substation at Castleton United Methodist Church.

Police Cars Parked at the Fire Station

You may also notice a series of police cars parked at the fire station on 75th Street. Those cars belong to officers who live out of the county.

As you may know, IMPD officers are allowed to drive their cars home. A few years ago, the Department changed the rules, and officers now pay for use of their cars. If you live out of the county, you pay considerably more. If you do not want to pay that, you can park your car at a secure location (considered a fire station) when off duty. That means these officers drive their personal vehicles to the fire station, get in their police car to work their shift, and then return their car to the fire station at the end of their shift.


IMPD Officers Pro-active Patrolling

We hear many people complain that the police are not “preventing” crime. We would encourage you to learn more about a police officer’s daily work.

Again, short-staffed shifts result in officers going from run to run. There is not a lot of time for ‘proactive policing.’ Police are in place to respond to your call when you need them. That’s what they spend most of their days doing—responding.

Lately, we have grown increasingly discouraged by the rhetoric on sites like NextDoor. Of course, everyone has the right to express their opinions. However, they are often uninformed and reckless.

There are many people working very hard on improving this area.

We share information in many places (NextDoor, Facebook, this website, and a very informative monthly newsletter) and we encourage everyone to PLUGIN if you want to know more, understand what’s happening in your community and change the future!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please fill out our contact form.

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