What’s Going on at Scoop Shack This Winter?

by | Feb 4, 2022

Checking in with the Scoop Shack—so much more than just ice cream!

What’s going on at our local ice cream shop in the winter? North Shadeland Alliance decided to check in with Scoop Shack and see.

When you think of ice cream, you may relish in the memories of warm summer days. But, we are going to let you in on a secret—you can have ice cream ANYTIME! That’s right, any time!

And when you get a hankering for a scoop of Cookie Monster ice cream, Scoop Shack has you covered. But what we learned in a recent visit is Scoop Shack is so much more than just ice cream!

Think of a great space where you can spend some time playing games with friends. That’s Scoop Shack!

“Come hang out!” said Sonja Schaeckenbach, the co-owner of the Scoop Shack. “We really envision the space as a place for people to connect.” And connect you can, via free wi-fi with tons of outlets or with friends and family to play games or just hang out.

In addition to a wide range of ice cream, Scoop Shack also serves milkshakes, ice cream nachos (waffle cone chips instead of tortilla chips), sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Plus, Scoop Shack serves delicious local coffee from Limelight Coffee Roasters.

But wait, there’s more!

After School Treat at Scoop Shack

Book your next party at Scoop Shack.

Party packages are available for birthdays or other parties that include games, gift bags, and of course, ice cream! Scoop Shack also hosts ice cream socials—at your place or theirs! And they host “Scoop Night” fundraisers for local schools and sports clubs.

Cleverly, Scoop Shack has partnered with almost a dozen other local businesses to bring you some amazing treats. Pre-order any of these for your next (COVID-safe) gathering.

Try an ice cream sandwich made with Hot Toddy’s delicious cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and more), packed with Scoop Shack ice cream and rolled in your choice of M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles, Oreos, or nuts.

Cookies not your thing? No problem! How about a waffle sandwich (same thing but with a waffle cone instead of a cookie) or a giant (and I mean giant) macaron—also locally made! The possible combinations go on forever, only limited by your own imagination.

Stop in to pick up some local loose tea offered by Aahaachia Tea or an easy mix for blue-ribbon chili from local food outlet Moveable Feast.

During our visit, we met Charlotte Brown, a Devonshire resident (pictured above), who was enjoying an afterschool treat (a scoop of chocolate on a cone) with her dad. Scoop Shack is open every day and is the perfect spot for an afterschool treat.

Monday-Thursday 3:00-8:00PM
Friday 3:00-9:00PM
Saturday 12:00-9:00PM
Sunday 12:00-8:00PM

Stop by Saturday mornings for yoga from 9:30-10:30. Yep, yoga at the ice cream store!

Bottom line, next time you are craving something sweet, something cozy and comforting, something to celebrate or reward hard work, something to say I love you—think Scoop Shack. Whatever you are looking for, they will have it—right in your own backyard.

Scoop Shack

7002 Lake Plaza Dr, Suite B,
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Join a Weekly Yoga Class at Scoop Shack

Scoop Shack Yoga

Stephanie G. Schroeder

Owner | Creative Nature

As we begin our natural shift from winter to spring, even as Old Man Winter takes his stand and asserts his warrior power, we begin to look toward the softness of spring, the Maiden touch to our renewal and reconciliation toward rebirth and growing season!

A great way to begin to warm up your inner light is to participate in weekly communal yoga-postural practice.

Join Creative Nature on Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 for a gentle, beginner-friendly yoga class at Scoop Shack Indy

Connect to the inner warrior and the inner child as you warm up your bodies to the sweet smells of childhood wafting from the waffle cones and sugar ice cream sweets!

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