Advocating For The Interests of Residents & Organizations

In the area surrounding North Shadeland Avenue, between Fall Creek Rd. and 82nd St.

What is the North Shadeland Alliance?

The North Shadeland Alliance advocates for the interests of residents and organizations in the area surrounding North Shadeland Avenue between Fall Creek Rd. and East 82nd Street.

We invite the participation of anyone interested in being a catalyst for growth, safety, and prosperity in the community surrounding North Shadeland Avenue. We are particularly interested in the participation of residents, faith communities, businesses, and schools.

How We Work For You


Continue the work we began as “S.T.A.R.” to revitalize the Shadeland Station Shopping Center at 75th and Shadeland.

Tell the Story

Shine a light on all the good that comes out of our community and be honest when hard things need to be addressed.

Relentlessly For You

Be a consistent voice of support for our residents, businesses, faith communities, and schools at all times.

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