Joe Garrison

Co-Founder | North Shadeland Alliance

Joe Garrison

Hey! I’m Joe Garrison

My focus with the North Shadeland Alliance is telling the story of our community through social media and communications.

My first childhood home was just a couple of blocks from North Shadeland Avenue in Shadeland Station off Hague Rd. I have been a lifelong member of Castleton United Methodist Church at 71st and Shadeland. Five of those years on staff as one of their youth pastors. Both of my daughters were born at Community North Hospital of North Shadeland Avenue. For years my Dad’s law firm was off Shadeland Station Way, and my Father-in-Law’s construction company built some of Community Hospital’s buildings in our area. You can still visit Rollins Family Chapel and Community North, named after my wife’s family.

We are ingrained in the North Shadeland community.

In 2016, my family moved into Avalon Hills. We left Fishers for Lawrence Township on purpose. We wanted our daughters to experience a more diverse community, and we wanted to live near our church.

When our oldest daughter moved from CUMNSKids! PreK to the Early Learning Center at Mary Castle for Kindergarten, we were shocked to find she was the only child from her preschool attending Lawrence Township Schools. The rest either left the district or went private. Why?

In early 2020, after the murder of Ashok Kumar at our local Subway, I felt the need to get involved. Maybe my experience in ministry, communications, and marketing could be leveraged to bring people together to make a positive impact on this community.

I helped co-found the North Shadeland Alliance to help our community live a better story. I wanted to use my passion and gifts to make our neighborhood a safer and more vital place where people want to send their children to school.

I hope you will join us to make this community one for which we can all be proud.

Professionally, I am a Communications and Marketing professional. As a StoryBrand Guide, I help organizations across the country break through the noise and create clear marketing messages that help them thrive.

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