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by | Apr 12, 2021

Who doesn’t want to have the best-looking lawn on the block? But, how do you get the best-looking lawn on the block? It’s more than just a little fertilizer and some grass seed every spring. It takes time, attention, and someone who knows how to leverage both an extensive career in lawn care and years of training and experience as an artist.

A lawn care specialist AND an artist? Yep!


Meet Mikey Muller

Michael Muller, or “Mikey” as most of his friends and clients call him, is that guy. For the last 18 years, since he was in high school, he’s owned and operated Muller Lawncare here in central Indiana.

Mikey has lived in our area most of his life. He grew up in Scarborough Village off of Hague Rd. and graduated from Lawrence North High School in 2005 before attending Taylor University as an art major. He recently purchased his longtime family home in Scarborough Village from his parents to raise his three young children in the same neighborhood he grew up in.


Muller Lawn Care

When Mikey was in high school and it was time to get that summer job, he knew he didn’t want to work in an office or a fast food joint like most of his friends. Mikey loved being outdoors and knew he wanted to work with his hands in the sun. So, he took a job with a commercial lawn care company.

Mikey quickly realized he loved the work and had a knack for interacting with the customers. It wasn’t long before he took some jobs on his own and began saving to buy the necessary equipment to start his own company.

One summer in high school, Muller Lawn Care was born and Mikey has served hundreds of residents in central Indiana over the last 18 years. If you pay attention from April through October every year, you’ll see his dark blue Honda Ridgeline painted with the bright Muller Lawn Care logo hauling his trailer around our neighborhoods.

If you see him on your block, be sure to stop him and say hi! As owner and operator of Muller Lawn Care, Mikey prides himself in getting to know his clients and treating their yards as if they were his own. The families he mows for have grown to trust him over the years. Even letting their kids play outside while he mows because they trust him to always look out for the kids and pets. It’s truly a business built on relationships and trust.

Muller Design Landscaping

Muller Design

A few years ago, a lawn care client asked Mikey if he could help design and install a walkthrough raised garden for them. So, Mikey leaned on all his training and experience as an artist and 18 years of lawn care and landscaping to custom design and build a garden that would soon be featured in Indianapolis Monthly magazine!

While Muller Lawn Care often fills up to the point of having a waiting list in the spring, Muller Design is always available to create beautiful custom landscaping and art for your property. Whether it’s flower beds, garden features, or even exterior pottery and sculptures, Mikey has you covered.


Interested? Here’s how you can hire Mikey to transform your property.

  1. Give him a call or stop him anytime you see him around.
  2. He’ll schedule a time to come survey your property and learn about your dream project.
  3. He’ll custom design your project and source the best contractor to execute it.
  4. Finally, he’ll act as a project manager to be sure everything is done to the highest standard.

So, whether you’re looking to have the best-manicured lawn on the block, or dreaming of that standout lawn feature, be sure to give Mikey a call or say hi anytime you see him in your neighborhood.

Muller Lawn Care and Muller Design
(317) 509-5404

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